Popular summer and fall camp for dog lover children (7-12 years) and adolescents (13-17 years) in the beautiful Melnes Gård (45 minutes from Oslo).

Bring your own dog or borrow one of ours. The program is suitable for all kind of dogs. Join to this active, exciting and informative week, where the animals and new friendships are in focus.

We offer 5-day quality program developed by professionals, with instructors with high competence and long experience. The camp is run by Tanja Solstad Marring who is child-welfare teacher and a dog instructor. We will learn about dog behavior, body language, communication, practice dog grooming, try the agility, teach our dogs to do funny tricks. The kids have also opportunity to meet other farm animals or go swimming or do other sports.

When you register for the camp you have to pay 1000 kr deposit, and before the camp start we will send out an email how and when you have to pay the rest of the money 3900kr.For this price you get accommodation, food and drink both of your kid and your dog, lots of activities and joy during the week from Monday to Friday.

If you have any questions about payment or the reservation you can contact with us at barnoghund@oslo-hundeskole.no or phone 404 83000.

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Contact info:

Oslo Hundeskole avd. Barn&Hund
Avdelingsleder: Tanja Solstad Marring
Melnesveien 119
1910 Enebakkneset
E-post: barnoghund@oslo-hundeskole.no

Tlf: 40 48 30 00