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Through nearly 20 years, we have developed the best family dog instructors in Norway. Our lecture holders have broad practical experience and good theoretical background. During the course, you as an instructor student will learn about dogs and dog care both in theory and practice. Our goal is to have the best civil dog instructor course education in Norway. The main goal of the course is to acquire a higher expertise in dog handling. The Instructor course is created for anyone who wants to learn more about dogs regardless of prior knowledge. Our instructor course is made up of moduls, the first two is open for anyone regardless of where ether you wish to become an instructor or just want to understand your own dog better.  The last module is reserved for those that wants to become an instructor and get the opportunity hold courses. The dog reward systems, motivation and influence. We have very competent and dedicated instructors. Read more about here.

Module 1 - Basic behavioral theory and specialization

Module 1 teaches students about dog behavior and puppy development from puppy to adult dog. We have also an introduction about cynologi (study of dogs and dog breeds), breed knowledge, health and nutrition. In addition we immerse ourselves in the dog`s role in society, dog-human relationship and fashion trends in training phylosopy. There will be tasks to be solved individually and in a group. Modul 1 runs over four weekends and finish with an individual task.

Module 2 - Ethology and learning psychology

Here we discuss: ethology and learning psychology. The dog ? reward systems, motivation and influence. Communication-dog and senses. Test of the dog-properties and construction, We will also speak about genetics-heredity and environment. In modul 2 there are three course weekends with a final theoretical exam.

Module 3 - Instructor role, this course is designed for those who wish to become instructors

This is the instructor module and here the focus is on the instructor's role and a lot of practical training in a group. We focus on education, motivation, interaction in groups, learning theory, customer service and conducting courses. Students will be tasked to develop and implement  a course concept.

Module 3 has three weekend meetings with a final exam consisting of two parts. In the first part the candidate must show how he / she trains with own dog, in the second part candidate instructor leading a training course with a group of course participants.

 Want to be an instructor or learn more about dogs ?


The course costs in full 15900, -

Price first semester: 7950, - (deposit 1,000 kroner at enrollment)

Price second semester 7950, -

If you only want to take one or two modules the price is kr. 6.300/module

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