SEEK course

Oslo Hundeskole starts a new special search course. We call the activity: Seek, which is a type of playful dog sport. Eventually, we want this to be a form of competition. The dog will be encouraged to search for and find the king pieces, then mark these. We use the same training method that the police, or prison dog trainers use. Usually we start our search training with the Kong toy, but of course later we can teach the dog to find different objects even mushrooms as well.  The professional searching dogs can recognize vitamins and drugs too.


This dog activity is cheap an available for everyone. We don’t need a lot of equipments and you can train almost everywhere. You can train alone or with others. The equipment you need is a toy that your dog really like, and two Kong-toys.

The three major factors in SEEK are the conflict-free play, search and environmental training. These factors are really important for the healthy development of your dogs and give a bonus effect to help during other activities with your dog.

The first exercise will be a simple obedience exercise where the dog should walk free by foot, sit and stay and mark the Kong-toy without touching it, then deliver to the owner, who give the dog a reward.

The main event is the search. This wont be standardized. It can be search in the forest, on vehicles or in building objects.  The Kong-toys can be various size, and some of them you can hide better than the other ones, so your dog will need more time to find them.  We will give a “searchtime” and whoever has the most finds will win. This means that anyone can compete with each other, and the best searchdog is the winner. The details of competition rules will evolve, and it is of course up to us and you to develop the concept further if we see that there would be a need for it. We are now starting a new course for beginners. The participants will get a theoretical introduction and demonstration on Friday and then it becomes practical training on Saturday and on Sunday. This activity is a dog sport so you can play with your dogs at home, training courses or in the wood.  All you need is the equipment that you put it in your pocket and your dog.  Most of the dogs are really enjoying that activity.  Reward the right behaving is a success factor, we are not using any punishment.  This is the start of an uncomplicated and fun dog sport where play and cooperation with the dog is the most important. Beginner classes start now.

Bjørn Erik Frigaard

Course leader