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Oslo Hundeskole has kept puppy courses since 1992. We know how important it is to get a good start with the new family member. The main goal in our puppy courses to create a good contact between the puppy and the dog handler. We want to establish mutual trust and understanding between the puppy and owner. We want all of the dogs who participate in the puppy course to become a safe and social family dog. Puppy course is suitable puppies up to 6 months or dogs without course experience or obedience training. Puppy course is suitable both for those who want a well-functioning family dog and those who would like to do some sports with their dogs in the future.

At the puppy course we are working with these exercises:




-call in

-connection with the handler

-understand dog signals

We will show you how to teach your dog in a positive way by using treats, proper use of voice and body language.

First day is the theory class evening, where we will tell you some basic information how to get a good start with your dog.

We will have a “social day” where the puppy course classes and the basic course classes spend some time together in the forest. It´s usually a Saturday or a Sunday. This is an important day where the dogs and the owners can train in different environment, than they are used to and meet new dogs and people. We will practice the exercises that we learn in the course and introduce some dog sport to the participants in a playful way. We will do some search training where we will hide in the forest and our dog has to find us.  Your dog can compete in sprint and if she/he is the fastest the end of the day can win a prize. (puppy course/ basic course compete separately).The end of the day we will barbecuing together.

Puppy course is twice a week. There are 10 teaching days including the theory and the “social day”. There are courses either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.

When you have finished with the puppy class, you and your dog will be ready to continue with the basic course.

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